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The Art Bar Chocolates

The Art Bar Chocolates

What could be better than chocolate, art, and goodwill? This 100% organic, Fair-Trade certified Swiss chocolate bar from Ithaca Fine Chocolates has it all! Inside its wrapper, each chocolate bar features an art reproduction on a collectible card. Ten percent of the company profits go toward supporting art education. Flavors include Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate With Hazelnuts, Dark Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate With Coconut. While each variety was smooth, rich, and fun to eat, the dark-chocolate varieties were especially delicious. Their Web site has an extensive art gallery where you can learn more about the artists and their missions.


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exquisite indeed StarStarStarStarStarStar
by Michael
I approached Art Bars solely based on the novelty of the idea of including a piece of art with chocolate... I thought "ahh...what a luxury!" Indeed the art was cool and contemplative, but the highlight was the chocolate! Art Bars provide an elegant profile with rich savory cocoa flavors. Truly a fabulously crafted chocolate. I think perhaps the fact that its Swiss chocolate and that they use whole cane sugar makes all the difference. Art Bars, cab be hard to find. But I asked my local co-op to give them a look... They did and now they carry them, my newly found favorite little secret chocolate bar! Yum.

inspirational sweet StarStarStarStarStarStar
by Jennie
I was initially drawn to Art Bars simply by their name. I am an art major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and when I read on their product that they use a portion of their profits to help support art education in schools, I instantly fell for them. The art card included within was definitly a novel idea, but when I took my first bite of the chocolate, I became a fan for life. It has a smooth consistency that melts in your mouth and a great taste that lingers on the tongue. While my personal favorite is the milk chocolate, even the dark versions are exceptional, not having a bitter taste like some dark chocolates can have. Luckily for me, these bars are consistantly being stocked at a local coffee shop that also sells Fair Trade coffee. Whenever I can I pair the two for a wonderful relaxing experience.

uh .. yeah! Art Bars StarStarStarStarStarStar
by MhD
This chocolate has such a wonderful profile. While a bit pricey, you only need small nubs to satisfy that cocoa itch. A 3.5 bar can easily last all week (if you don't share). At any rate, the fact that you can contemplate a bit of art while your taste buds endulge.