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The Earth Dinner

The Earth Dinner

Douglas Love with Organic Valley presents the very fun and informative “Earth Dinner Creativity Cards,” which includes a deck of 49 Creativity Cards. These cards are a great activity for themed dinners or as everyday table conversation starters for all ages. There are four suits and one “end-of-the evening” reflection card. The four suits include Storytelling, Inspiration, Imagination, and—the one we found to be most informative and interesting—the Fun Facts.

Questions include information about organic products, the invention of the fork, and much, much more! There are also more-personalized questions for the “green thumbs” at dinner, “Was any of the food at the table grown in a guest’s garden?” Also included with the deck of cards is a pamphlet that consists of different suggestions on how to use the cards to fully enjoy an evening of earthly discussions. These cards will most definitely strike up all kinds of conversations that will surely be remembered after the night is over.

Price: $10 contribution to the Organic Farm Friends Foundation.
All proceeds from Creativity Card sales are donated to the Organic Farm Friends Foundation.


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