The Green Book The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet—One Simple Step at a Time

This book, which was printed on 100% recycled paper, gives statistics regarding the amount of trees that would have been used if it had been printed on virgin, nonrecycled paper. A portion of the book’s profits goes to nonprofit organizations and environmental causes.There is a large index of website resources, which we found to be a huge plus. The authors offer clear and simple discussions of things that each of us can do to limit our waste—some of which we may have already been aware and some we found to be new ideas for us. Suggestions include opting out of printing ATM receipts and using online banking. Online banking reduces not only the number of printed checks used but also saves resources by minimizing the printing of monthly statements. Buying recycled clothing, such as running shoes that are made with reused rubber or other various products like organic cottons and bamboo, is another option that could work for many people. We found this book to be a great resource that is packed full of things to know, learn, and share.

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