Uncle Matt’s Organic Orange Juice

Uncle Matt’s Organic Calcium and Vitamin D Juice is a blend of fourth-generation Florida Hamlin and Valencia oranges and tastes as if it is freshly squeezed. One of our younger testers even exclaimed, “It’s just like eating an orange!” Uncle Matt’s juices are lower in acid than most of the competition, and they are certified organic, kosher, and pareve. And, Uncle Matt’s juices are made without any additional flavorings or oils. In addition to the Calcium and Vitamin D variety we tested, the juice is also available in pulp and pulp-free blends and is packaged in 56-, 32-, and 10-oz. sizes. Also available in a 59-ounce carafe style bottle made from recycable PET #1 plastic.

For more information, visit www.unclematts.com.