Max Green Alchemy™ Skin Rescue Cream & Sole Rescue Foot Balm

The Skin Rescue Cream is part of the Max Green Alchemy™ line, which is cited as being petrochemical-free, GMO-free, lanolin-free, paraben-free, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate-free, cruelty-free, and certified vegan. The first thing we noticed about this product was its wonderful, fresh scent. The combination of chamomile, neroli, and lavender smelled very clean and not overly feminine. This cream was smooth and luxurious, and it worked miracles on even rough “gardener” hands. It was also especially soothing to elbows in need of some TLC. Good for everyday use or even special needs, such as found by one reviewer who was eager to use this cream on her daughter who suffers from bouts of mild eczema.

As with the Skin Rescue Cream we tested, this natural product has been formulated without synthetic preservatives, parabens, and all of ingredients are from 100% plant origin. Our testers found this delightful foot balm to have a smooth consistency and a fresh scent. Its cedarwood, peppercorn, and clove-bud aromas seem ideally suited for use by either men or women, and they were a nice change from the usual peppermint smell associated with so many foot creams! Great for use anytime, but particularly at the end of a day on sore, aching feet.

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