Aura Cacia Foam Bath for Kids

Aura Cacia is typically known in the adult crowd for their essential oils and related products, but they have recently launched a bubble bath formula that let kids get in on the act, too! Our testers found that the Aura Cacia Foam Baths from Frontier Natural Products Co-Op were unexpectedly luxurious—definitely not just your typical kids’ bubble bath. The amount of bubbles produced was more than sufficient to delight our tester’s kids. They tried each of the scents, including Lavender Calming Foam Bath, Eucalyptus Clearing Foam Bath, and Tangerine and Sweet Orange Cheering Foam Bath. Each product filled the bathroom with the glorious smell of essential oils for up to an hour after the bath had drained—a plus for everyone in the house.

The Eucalyptus and Lavender were so sophisticated that adult testers claimed that they would like to use it for their own baths. The kids’ favorite was the Tangerine and Sweet Orange Cheering Foam Bath. These products do not contain sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, which can cause some delicate skin to break out in hives. The formulas were gentle enough for even our most sensitive young tester. The generously sized 2.5-oz. packages had enough product to use for 2–3 baths—potentially giving mom a chance to use some of this great product herself!

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