Amy’s Salsas

Each of Amy’s five Salsas is vegan and made with organic, vine-ripened tomatoes. We tried the Organic Spicy Chipotle and the Fire-Roasted Vegetable Salsas. Those of us who enjoy chipotle loved Amy’s version featuring that distinctive flavor. (Its unique flavor doesn’t bode as well for a group with a variety of taste buds, however.) Those who did not care for the Chipotle did enjoy the Fire-Roasted Vegetable, which boasts organic fire-roasted onions and green peppers, jalapeño peppers, and organic garlic. Everyone commented on the homemade, chunky and authentically uneven texture of both, which enhanced the chip-dipping experience! The salsas’ heat levels seemed low to our reviewers—the hot was not as hot as expected nor was the mild. Other flavors include Organic Mild Salsa, Organic Medium Salsa, and Organic Black Bean & Corn Salsa. 

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