Crummy Brothers Cookies

There are all types of cookie lovers, and those who will love Crummy Brothers Cookies will tend toward the big, crumbly kind of cookie. These cookies are the perfect cookies to dunk in a tall glass of organic milk! We tested the Lavender, Peppermint, and Orange Blossom varieties (each with chocolate chips), and found that the namesake infusion for each was subtle. The essence of each is found in the cookie itself—not the chips. The Orange Blossom in particular has a distinct flavor, but not for its essence. The predominant flavor is actually thyme, which was a pleasant surprise upon first taste while the orange finishes up the experience with a subtle aftertaste. Unique “cookie flights” are available in three boxes of any five flavors and would make a great gift for the cookie aficionado (who likes the big crumbly type of cookies of course!). We appreciate the fact that both the cookies and their packaging were organic! Also available in Egg Nog and Original varieties.

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