FIT KIDS Instant Oatmeal Variety Pack

For our kid-testers, half of whom were oatmeal friends and half oatmeal foes, the chocolate chips in this instant oatmeal breakfast made the FIT KIDS oatmeal variety pack an all-around winner. The oatmeal is fortified with calcium and iron and is also a great source of fiber, so it is a wonderful improvement over the myriad of sugary cereals available on the shelves. The kids also enjoyed the Cinnamon Toast flavor, and even if your child isn't currently an oatmeal fan, the chocolate chips are a surefire way to make this healthy breakfast appealing! Other enjoyable flavors for an array of kids include Caramel Apple and Berry Blast, both of which have a wonderful fruity flavor. Kosher. USDA Certified Organic.

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