Trillium Organics Body and Face Polishes

The Trillium Organics line of body and face polishes, soaps, and oils designed to be “organic, effective and fun to use” won rave reviews from our adult and teenaged testers! The products were particularly prized for their pleasant fragrances and the resulting glow left from use of the products. The body- polish products that we tested included a variety of intriguing citrus scents such as  Lavender Geranium/Calming, Clementine Clove/Warming, and Cedar Sage/Clearing combinations. The face-polish varieties include Evening Primrose & Cranberry Wrinkle-Relief Cleanser, Lavender & Calendula Daily Gentle Cleanser, and Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Breakout Balancing Cleanser.

The face polishes were our favorite, leaving the skin exfoliated, moisturized, refreshed, clean, and soft—what a feeling! The Tea Tree & Witch Hazel was great for the teenagers in the group who are challenged with blemished skin. Trillium Organics’ body oils moisturized without leaving the greasy feeling that many oils do, and the Clementine Clove Warming Body Oil was favored for its unusual, though pleasing, fragrance. The line also includes a Fragrance-Free Body Oil for very-sensitive skin. A range of soaps, lip balms, and perfumes is also available.

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