Be Well Red Teas

With an array of nine wellness herb flavors, the Be Well Red Teas are made with organic South African rooibos. Rooibos is a caffeine-free, antiallergenic herb that strengthens the immune system. Each of the nine flavors has a distinctive name and specific focus to help with issues such as weight control, a scratchy throat, digestion, or rest. We tested Get Relief—Herb Tea for Digestion No. 9, Get Lost—Herb Tea for Weight Control No. 6, and Get Some ZZZ’s—Herb Tea for Rest No.5. The Get Relief has a golden hue and faint cinnamon scent with a light, sweet herb taste. This tea leaves no aftertaste and is very relaxing. Get Lost tea reportedly aids in weight loss because the four main herbs (carob, cinnamon, banaba extract, and gymnema leaves) are known for their blood-sugar balancing abilities. It has a stronger cinnamon taste and subtle orange taste with a dark-red coloring. This tea leaves a slight aftertaste, though not unpleasant. The Get Some ZZZ’s is as relaxing as it sounds. This tea consists of a subtle mint taste with a hint of citrus/orange flavoring. After drinking this tea, one of our testers felt that both body and mind were set at ease and ready to unwind to the fullest.

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