Peach Passion Conserve

Here’s a conserve that has 1/3 less sugar than jam and is certified organic. Crofters Organic Conserve contains a wonderful, fruity taste and has 11 great fruitful flavors to choose from. We sampled the Peach Passion Conserve—which like all the other Crofters varieties—is not made from concentrate. Ingredients include organic fruit, organic golden sugar, natural fruit pectin, ascorbic and/or citric acid. The Peach Passion Conserve is highly flavored but not overwhelming… and we found that each bite tasted better and better. One tester stated that they would consider putting it on ice cream because the flavor was so wonderfully intense. Suggested recipes for this product are Peach-Passionfruit Glazed Salmon, Summer Berry Flan, Peaches and Cream Pie, and their Peach Passion Parfaits. Recipes are located on their Website.

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