Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates

Old World goes organic with a selection of premium-quality organic chocolate bars and assortments made in the European tradition. (i.e., not sickeningly sweet like many American chocolates). The offerings include fourteen chocolate bars and five European–style assortment boxes, including truffles, a vegan assortment, cherry truffles, and Mint Mills (charming foil-wrapped, windmill-shaped chocolates!). Sjaak’s uses only organic cocoa in its products as the Organic Trade Association’s The O'MAMA Report ( ) cites that "conventional cocoa is second only to conventional cotton in its use of pesticides."

Our favorites were the Organic Mint Meltaways—creamy, dark-chocolate mints that really do melt in your mouth and the truffles, rich and smooth and fabulous melted over ice cream. Available in natural food stores, gift stores, and gourmet shops.

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