Rooibos Teas

Whether hot or cold, this tea calms the taste buds and soothes the body. J & R Port Trading Inc. tea is 100% natural, certified organic, Kosher, caffeine free with no additives, and colorants free. We tested their Cape Rooibos Tea, the Green Cape Rooibos Tea, and the Honeybush Tea. The Cape Rooibos Tea has more antioxidants and other rare trace elements than many other teas, which makes it stand out. It has a similar taste to traditional black tea, but it is much healthier for the body and mind. While the Green Rooibos Tea (unfermented) tastes subtly herbal, it provides more flavonoids and antioxidants than most other green teas. It has a strong cider coloring with a natural floral smell. The Honeybush Tea taste much like chamomile tea with a zest of lemon flavoring. This one was one of our favorites because it has a soothing taste that leaves the body and mind at ease.

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