Seeds of Change Pasta Sauces

Seeds of Change has introduced Puttanesca and Arrabiatta to their line of organic pasta sauces. We tried the two new sauces along with their Summer Tomato Basil. Among the favorites was the Arrabiatta sauce with its Aji Red Limo peppers, chunky red tomatoes, sage and rosemary, and a dash of red wine vinegar. The sauce is known as “the angry sauce” because of its spiciness, but for those who like a more-mild taste, you can adjust the amount added to your pasta to regulate the spiciness. The classic favorite, Summer Tomato Basil, has a more than satisfying amount of basil included in the ingredients, though it is eased by the complementary tomato. The Puttanesca sauce includes olives, capers, red chilies, garlic, and anchovies and is an excellent choice for the olive lovers in your crowd. One tester noted, “if you like olives, then this is the sauce for you.”

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