Organic Teeccino Maya Herbal Coffees

Made with organically grown barley, chicory, and ramon nuts, this new line from Teeccino is a caffeine-free coffee alternative. Organic Teeccino Maya Herbal Coffees were created with methods that offer health benefits that include no processing, no chemical residues, plus a natural energy boost from nutrients—not stimulants. By replacing your regular caffeinated coffee with Teeccino Maya Herbal Coffees, the company claims the product will help reduce stress, anxiety, acidity, and other symptoms and conditions that are caused by drinking coffee. Maya Caffé, Chai, and Mocha were all tested and approved based for their flavor. Maya Caffé has a similar taste to a regular cup of coffee and reflects a slight herbal flavor that contributes to its smoothness. The Maya Chai has a moderate taste with a pleasant Chai smell that radiates throughout the room. The Maya Mocha bears a smooth and not-bitter taste and includes a light chocolate flavoring that adds to its satisfying taste. All three are made with an all-purpose grind and do not contain any coffee beans.

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