Natural Organic Edible Cosmetics

Natural Organic Edible Cosmetics has created organic products made with USDA Certified ingredients. These products are preservative free, 100% pH balanced, and do not contain animal ingredients, genetically modified ingredients, phthalates, dye, or fragrance. They are created specifically for sensitive skin. We tested seven of the NOE products and found all of them a delight. Initially, the Raspberry Soy Milk Body Lotion and the Mango Nutritive Daily Revival Cream felt a little thick and sticky, but both left the body feeling soft with a healthy glow. The Natural Coconut Milk Ultra Gentle Cleanser was one of our favorites. It left testers’ faces silky smooth. The Natural Lemon Peel Exfoliating Cleanser, Natural Rice Hydrating Mask, and the Naturally Pure White Tea Toner made the skin feel firm and refreshed. While many masks leave you unable to continue with nightly routines or chores, the Natural Rice Hydrating Mask is a thin cream base that does just the opposite, with a slight reminder that your face is becoming more and more firm. The Deep Moisturizing Night Cream, the final tested product, had a smooth texture when applied to the skin and held a light scent.

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