Purrfectplay Cat Toys

Discerning cats with a taste for catnip will be delighted by the line of catnip toys from Purrfectplay. Each toy is made from the finest certified organic catnip and organic fabrics that are free of dyes. The only portion of the toys that is not organic is the thread. This selection includes a variety of fuzzy mice, sized 2 3/4”–5 1/2”, the Organic Cotton and Catnip Snake (our “Cat tester’s” favorite!), and an item called the Pad of Luxury, a handsome-looking colorgrown* green and cream striped denim and organic fleece pad that exudes catnip essence. A sweet, heart-shaped button secures the rolled-up pad and makes a nice gift presentation. $4.50–$18.95.

* organic, naturally colored

For more information, visit www.purrfectplay.com.