Product Reviews

Criteria and Guidelines

Product Reviews are unpaid and intended to provide product information and feedback, while the Product Showcase is a paid advertising spot available to reputable organic food companies.

Criteria for Review
To be considered for review on, your product must:
- include press information and a web-ready image (see below)
- be sold in the US Market
- contain more than 70% organic ingredients (they do not need to be certified)
- surpass our Product Review Team's expectations and discriminating tastes

Please send samples and product information to the following address:

Product Reviews c/o
753 S. Walnut Street
Boise, ID 83712

Send a web-ready image of your product on a white background to:

We will e-mail you with a link to the product review should it meet our criteria.

For more information on supporting through the Product Showcase, please contact